Ljubljana in figures

Demographic data

number of residents (2012): 282,994 (source: SURS)
number of students (2012): 36,439 (source: Ljubljana University)


economically active share of the population 2010: 64.5% (source: SURS)
number of unemployed (July 2012): 13,949 (source: Slovenian Institute for Employment)
average monthly net salary June 2011: €1,119.57 (source: SURS)
number of entrepreneurs 2010: 12,628 (source: AJPES)
number of registered limited liability companies (d.o.o.) 2012: 19960 (source: AJPES)
number of corporate companies (d.d.) 2012: 313 (source: AJPES)


number of registered motor vehicles 2010: 175,604 (source: MNZ)
number of registered private vehicles 2010: 147,875 (source: MNZ)
number of taxis 2010: 357 (source: UEL)
• number of city public transport buses 2010: 213 (source: LPP)
length of city public transport routes 2010: 315km (source: LPP)
passengers carried by city public transport 2010: 81 million journeys (source: LPP)
passengers carried by air 2010: 1,388,655 (source: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport)
freight transported by air 2010: 17,310,000 kg (source: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport)


number of hotels 2010: 20 (source: SURS)
number of guests 2010: 392,159 (source: SURS)
number of overnights 2010: 736,844 (source: SURS)

Climatic data

average yearly temperature 2010: 10.7° C (source: ARSO)
average temperature – January 2010: -1.5° C (source: ARSO)
average temperature – July 2010: 22.9° C (source: ARSO)
yearly precipitation 2010: 1,798 mm (source: ARSO)

Social care

number of homes for the elderly 2010: 8 (source: SSZS)
number of people cared for 2010: 2,130 (source: SSZS)

Education and science

number of kindergartens and kindergarten units (including private kindergartens) 2010: 110 (source: SURS)
number of elementary and subsidiary schools 2010: 55 (source: SURS)
number of middle schools 2010: 32 (source: SURS)
number of faculties 2010: 22 (source: SURS)
number of academies 2010: 3 (source: SURS)
number of pupil and student halls of residence 2010: 23 (source: SURS)
number of museums 2010: 14 (source: MOL)
number of galleries 2010: 56 (source: MOL)
number of theatres 2010: 10 (source: MOL)
number of halls at Cankarjev dom 2010: 27 (source: MOL)
number of cultural congress institutions 2010: 4 (source: MOL)
number of professional orchestras 2010: 4 (source: MOL)
number of cinemas 2010: 14 (source: Kolosej Kinematografi, d.o.o.)
number of general educational libraries 2010: 5 (source: NUK)
number of specialised libraries 2009: 142 (source: NUK)
number of books in the National and University Library 2010: 2,628,810 (source: NUK)


total surface area of sporting facilities 2010: 684,516 m2 (source: MOL)
uncovered sporting facilities 2010: 612,227 m2 (source: MOL)
covered sporting facilities 2010: 72,289 m2 (source: MOL)
number of sports societies 2010: 539 (source: AJPES)
number of national sports associations with headquarters in Ljubljana 2010: 29 (source: AJPES)
number of co financed executors of the annual sporting programme 2010: 178 (source: MOL)


number of Ljubljana Fairgrounds events 2010: 7 (source: LS)
number of Tivoli Sports Park events 2010: 98 (source: ŠL)
number of Stožice Centre events 2010: 37 (source: ŠL)
number of Festival Ljubljana events 2010: 210 (source: FL)
number of cultural events at Cankarjev dom 2010: 1,227 (source: CD)
number of congress events at Cankarjev dom 2010: 194 (source: AJPES)

* Definition of residence: Residents of Slovenia are people with registered permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia, who live in Slovenia or have the intention to live in Slovenia for a year or more and who are not temporarily absent from the Republic of Slovenia for a year or more (Republic of Slovenia Statistical Office)