European Mobility Week

Wednesday, 14. 9. 2016

Between 16 and 22 September 2016, for the 15th year in a row Ljubljana is taking part in the European Mobility Week with the slogan »Smart mobility. Strong economy.«.

Again this year the City of Ljubljana, with its numerous partners, is preparing diverse, interesting and educational events and is introducing as many as 13 sustainable green measures.

The slogan of this year’s campaign is »Smart mobility. Strong economy.« indicating that the cities advocating sustainable mobility have a significant economic advantage. On 22 September, the World Car-Free Day, we are also answering the question what can be introduced into our valuable public space instead of cars. So this year is the first time we are restricting motor traffic for a day on one street in each of the 17 District Communities and organising a diverse programme to liven it up.

This theme falling under the scope of the European Green Capital 2016 has been emphasised since the beginning of September, a month dedicated to sustainable mobility and air quality. For this reason Ljubljana’s residents and visitors are invited to walk, cycle, use public transport or other forms of sustainable mobility in the city.

Permanent green measures

1. Renovation of Eipprova Street
In line with the Transport Policy of the City of Ljubljana we are decreasing and slowing down traffic flows on Eipprova Street, expanding surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists, and introducing one-way traffic.
2. Traffic regime in the Vodmat area
With the traffic regime change in the Vodmat area we are ensuring above all greater safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
3. Expansion of the BicikeLJ system
We have set up two new BicikeLJ stations at the P+R Barje and on Barjanska Street at the Trnovo Gate. By doing so we are expanding the area covered by the system and promoting multimodality.
4. Bicycle training site KoloPark
We have set up a bicycle training site at Tivoli Park – an area for play and learning skills with different vehicles from bicycles, kick scooters, rollerblades and rollerskates to push cars.
5. Elimination of cycling black spots
On Milan Majcen Street we are setting up a cycling lane by raising the crossroads and changing the traffic signs, and on the Kajuhova Street a cycling lane and a ramp at the Waterway thematic cycling path crossing.
6. Bicycle racks at LPP final stops
We are going to set up 30 bicycle racks at 8 final stops of LPP buses to promote multimodality – switching from buses to bikes.
7. Second part of the Bike Park in Podutik
In Podutik we have set up the second part of the existing Bike Park intended above all for mountain bikers.
8. Cycling yearbook of the City of Ljubljana 2014-2015
We have published the Cycling yearbook containing the achievements, novelties and statistical data in the field of cycling in 2014 and 2015.
9. Transport of bicycles on intercity LPP lines
The public passenger transport company LPP is introducing the option of bringing bicycles on board buses operating on intercity lines.
10. Erection of the Bike Tree sculpture
On the parking lot of the public company LPT at the National and University Library NUK we have erected a sculpture representing a tree made from used bicycle parts from the BicikeLJ system with the aim of promoting cycling.
11. Charging stations for electric vehicles
In cooperation with the electric distribution company Elektro Ljubljana we are setting up 25 new charging stations for electric vehicles in the area of the City of Ljubljana.
12. Introduction of the on-call transport service with EURBAN electric vehicles
The public passenger transport company LPP is expanding its on-call service with 20 electric vehicles.
13. Purchase of an electric vehicle for the City Administration of the City of Ljubljana
We added a fully electric car Renault Twizy to the company fleet of the city administration.