Investment agreement in the BTC City Ljubljana area

Monday, 6. 3. 2017

On 3 March 2017, an agreement for ensuring simultaneous development of economic projects and state infrastructure to carry out 300 million euro worth of investments in the wider BTC City Ljubljana was signed with the aim to advance the economic development of this area for which modern transport infrastructure is needed as soon as possible.

The aim of the agreement signed by Mayor Zoran Janković, Minister of Infrastructure Dr Peter Gašperšič, Chairman of the Board of the DARS company Dr Tomaž Vidic, Chairman of the Board of the BTC company Jože Mermal and Director of the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency Damir Topolko is continued economic development of the BTC City Ljubljana area. The agreement promises new investments and infrastructure development. Consequently it ensures economic growth, new jobs and satisfaction of economic entities, citizens and visitors in the whole south-eastern part of Ljubljana.
At the signing of the agreement Mayor Zoran Janković stated: »The signing of the agreement is proof of good cooperation of public and private sector. Namely, rapid economic development in the BTC City Ljubljana area demands that all stakeholders react actively and take on responsibility for providing suitable transport infrastructure. The cooperation foresees the implementation of ten projects, five of them within the purview of the City of Ljubljana, the DARS company is responsible for four of them and only one project is under the domain of the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency. I am pleased we have found common language which is aligned with the experts. This will facilitate and expedite transport to and from the BTC City area. I am convinced the new agreement benefits all, especially citizens and visitors. I thank Minister Peter Gašperšič and the Chairman of the Board of BTC Jože Mermal and their colleagues for constructive cooperation.«
The wider BTC City Ljubljana area foresees new investments by national and foreign partners: IKEA, Mercator, Slovenian Railways, BTC. The construction of the Intermodal Logistic Terminal Ljubljana is also planned on 180,000 m2 making it one of the biggest land terminals in Central and South-Eastern Europe.
As new investments have additional impact on the transport burden, the Traffic Technical Institute at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana prepared a study and a proposal of optimal solutions. These are oriented in the modernisation and expansion of road connections at Šmartinska, Leskoškova, Bratislavska and Letališka. The aim of the proposal is faster traffic flow in the wider BTC City Ljubljana area to the motorway ring road and the other way around.
Minister of Infrastructure Dr Peter Gašperšič said: »The agreement could certainly not be signed without great cooperation between all stakeholders. Already last year the government signed an agreement with the City of Ljubljana because we recognised the significance of these investments for the capital, job creation, development of the economy and the BTC City Ljubljana area. The agreement we signed today defines the competences of investors and sets a schedule. The details on investment values and projects are going to be specified in co-financing agreements. These investments will significantly contribute to the economic strengthening of this area.«
Jože Mermal, Chairman of the Board of the BTC company, underlined: »The signing of the agreement is a model example of economic cooperation of a wider circle of stakeholders. I am very pleased with the good cooperation with the City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Infrastructure as well as the DARS company and the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency with the aim of promoting economic development, supporting business investments in the value of 300 million EUR, creating 2,000 jobs and collecting new taxes and social contributions in the value of 30 million EUR. The attainment of these goals will be made possible by taking over responsibility for the development of modern infrastructure in the wider BTC City Ljubljana area and creating added value for this and coming generations.«
Financing and implementation of individual sections falls under the competence of the DARS company, the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency and the City of Ljubljana. According to the schedule the infrastructure should be full set up by 2020, certain measures are to be completed beforehand.