Creative Cities

Friday, 15. 4. 2011

An international conference 'Creative Cities: Possibilities, Policies and Places' at Ljubljana Castle.

An international conference took place on Thursday 14 April 2011 at Ljubljana Castle on the importance and potential of cultural and creative industries for the development of European cities and regions entitled 'Creative Cities: Possibilities, Policies and Places'.

The conference united two ambitious European projects, Creative Cities and Second Chance, partners in which include the City of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Urban Region Regional Development Agency (RRA LUR), the Institute for Economic Research (IER) and Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.

The keynote welcoming addresses were given by Slovenian Minister of Culture Majda Širca and Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković. These were followed by lectures by international experts Dr Tom Fleming and Prof Dr Klaus R. Kunzmann, who shared with participants descriptions of British and German experiences and the prevailing trends in the field of creative industries.

The conference concluded with a round table, at which ideas for the development of creative cities and regions were discussed in relation to Slovenian economic, spatial and cultural policies. Participants in the round table were Dr Tom Fleming, Prof Dr Klaus R. Kunzmann, Dr Pavel Gantar, Dr Stojan Pelko, Miran Gajšek M.Sc and the moderator Assoc Prof Dr Marjan Hočevar from Ljubljana University's Faculty of Social Sciences.