Friday, 8. 1. 2016

Ljubljana on the list of top destinations in 2016

Globally known media companies The Rough Guide and The Guardian have put Ljubljana on their lists of destinations in 2016. They agree that the number of green areas, pedestrian zones and other environmental measures justify Ljubljana’s title European Green Capital.

The world renowned publishing house for travel guides Rough Guide published on its website a list of most desirable destinations in 2016. It listed Ljubljana as one of top 10 cities alongside Reykjavik, Mexico City, Seoul, Wroclaw, Nashville, Amsterdam, Hull, Vancouver and Agra. In addition to numerous green areas it highlighted the possibility of exploring the city by bicycle, stand-up paddleboarding on the Ljubljanica River and the convenient geographic location of Ljubljana with mountains, the coast and vineyards not far away. It also commended the high quality culinary services at reasonable prices. The newspaper The Guardian, one of the leading media outlets promoting sustainable services, made up a list of suggestions for vacation planning in 2016. The description accentuates, in addition to noticeable green changes in the city centre, the Ljubljana Castle, the Tivoli Park, the Library under the Treetops, embankments of the Ljubljanica River and stand-up paddleboarding on the river. The capital city is marked by Plečnik’s architecture and riverside restaurants with excellent food and vine creating a laid-back atmosphere. The published articles are available at and