Wednesday, 27. 9. 2017

Moving Forward 2017 for the elderly projects

The Ljubljana Home Care Institute with its project A-QU-A, social service and organised volunteering and intergenerational connectivity programme, won the competition for best improvement in public administration Moving Forward 2017 (Premik naprej 2017).

Within the framework of the European programme Active and Quality Aging in Home Environment A‑QU‑A, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme, the Ljubljana Home Care Institute performed free-of-charge physical therapy, occupational therapy and other health care services in the homes of its users from May 2015 until December 2016. Together with other project partners the Institute also offered additional forms of education, counselling, mobility exercises and adaptations of the home environment for a better quality of life. In 2014, the Ljubljana Home Care Institute introduced additional activities – social service, they also adopted an organised volunteering programme and in 2016 an intergenerational connectivity programme. Both programmes offer users higher quality of spending their free time with companionship in their own homes, they are strengthening their social network, increasing personal satisfaction and intergenerational solidarity.

The Moving Forward competition, organised by the Faculty of Administration at the University of Ljubljana for the second consecutive year, is aimed at the recognition and promotion of good and innovative practices, encouraging creativity and developing innovative moves for a more efficient and successful public administration as the driver of social development.

In addition to the winning project two other projects of the City of Ljubljana were among this year’s competition finalists, namely, the automatic transfer of data from the automated speed measuring devices (radars) into the back-end system and the connection with the notification system, and the Ljubljana sound station.