Top achievements

Extensive investments in the infrastructure of kindergartens and schools

In the period between 2007 and 2019, we implemented over 450 extensive and complex projects in the field of education, valued at 245 million euros:
• We built new facilities, which increased the capacities and provided a healthier environment for children and employees.
• We have renovated the kitchens, dining halls, multipurpose halls for children to socialise in, libraries, specialised classrooms for science classes, computer classes and technology classes.
• We have built or renovated children’s and school playgrounds, dilapidated gyms, and other outdoor surfaces of schools and kindergartens.
• We have replaced all asbestos-containing roofs, windows, installations, heating systems, sewage systems, toilets, improved the lighting and reduced noise with insulating works, etc.

Six newly built kindergarten units:
• Vrhovci Kindergarten, unit Tehnološki park
• Šentvid Kindergarten, unit Mravljinček
• Miškolin Kindergarten, unit Zajčja dobrava II
• Oton Župančič Kindergarten, unit Čebelica
• Galjevica Kindergarten, unit Jurček
• Pedenjped Kindergarten, unit Zgornji Kašelj

We have executed renovations, reconstructions and adaptations in all 23 kindergartens. The largest completed investments:
• Jarše Kindergarten, units Kekec and Rožle
• Ledina Kindergarten
• Črnuče Kindergarten, unit Sonček
• Zelena jama Kindergarten, units Vrba and Zmajček
• Ciciban Kindergarten, unit Žabice
• Vič Kindergartens, unit Hiša pri ladji
• Pedenjped Kindergarten, units Kašelj and Vevče
• Šentvid Kindergarten, unit Sapramiška
• Mojca Kindergarten, unit Mojca

Newly built primary school in Dragomelj, founded by City of Ljubljana and the Municipality of Domžale. All 48 schools have been either renovated, reconstructed and adapted. The largest completed investments:
• Vižmarje Brod Primary School
• Zadobrova Primary School
• Kolezija Primary School
• Koseze Primary School
• Kašelj Primary School
• Majda Vrhovnik Primary School
• Vida Pregarc Primary School
• Zalog Primary School
• Franc Rozman Stane Primary School
• Trnovo Primary School
• Livada Primary School

We have renovated gyms in 17 schools.
We have renovated playgrounds of 27 schools and 37 kindergartens.
We have renovated kitchens of 17 kindergartens and 14 schools.
From 2013 to 2017, we finished the energy retrofit of 24 kindergarten and school facilities, however works on 53 facilities are still in progress.

We have also renovated 4 district youth centres in the years 2007–2017:
• District Youth Centre Zalog
• District Youth Centre Črnuče
• District Youth Centre Bežigrad
• District Youth Centre Šiška