Doing business in Ljubljana

A City of Human Scale

Ljubljana is the geographical, political, scientific and cultural center of the Slovenian nation. With more than 288.000 inhabitants it is the largest city in the country and an important driver of regional economic growth and innovation. The polycentric city of short distances is comprised of 17 district communities. The star shaped city form gives the people the access to parcs and natural environment from any location in less than a 10 minute walk.

In 2016, Ljubljana was the holder of the prestigious title European Green Capital. In the opinion of the European Commission the city made the highest number of changes with regard to the sustainable transformation that follows an integrated approach to the environmental management in the shortest period of time.

Five key reasons as to why investing in Ljubljana is a sound decision

High Quality of Life for Each and Every Citizen

In the past 10 years Ljubljana implemented over 1.700 projects to further increase the quality of life. Among these there are a few long-awaited projects that were not realized during the stagnation time. Ljubljana’s extraordinary development is felt at each and every step. The city is marked by a diverse high-quality cultural and numerous sports events for all generations. Ljubljana is also distinguished by its well preserved and easily accessible natural environment, great biodiversity and varied landscape. It is precisely because of the vicinity of the preserved nature and the intertwinement of the built and natural environment that the Ljubljana Urban Region is unique among European metropolitan regions. Numerous public space re-arrangements have greatly contributed to the higher quality of life and brought in numerous international expert recognitions. All these accomplishments have put Ljubljana on the world map and strengthened its recognizability which is above all reflected in the interest of the international public and the beauty of the city. Ljubljana is a safe, open and friendly city developing with all generations in mind. With our own examples we are strengthening the mentality that we are all equal and can live together in a community that respects diversity. A city which is friendly towards children, the youth, the elderly and the impaired is also inclusive towards visitors and migrants from across the world. The survey on the quality of life in European cities in 2015 conducted by the European statistical office indicates that over 92 percent of Ljubljana citizens are satisfied with the life in our city.

Innovation HUB

Ljubljana is a city of inspiration bringing together young creative people who give the city its youthful character. The University of Ljubljana is renowned for its study programmes in natural, technical and social sciences, humanities and medicine. University teachers and researchers are demonstrating their scientific work in the field of medicine, science and technology to reach the advanced level at home and abroad. The University’s guideline of co-creating and bringing together science, education, economy and the wider social environment is successfully fulfilled through the Slovenian Innovation hub, Career Centres and the Institute for Innovation and development. New businesses are greatly supported by the Ljubljana University incubator which is winning international recognition. In 2015, two innovations centers sprang to life in Ljubljana, namely, the ABC Accelerator and the ABC Hub, supporting the creation of a unique innovation ecosystem in Slovenia and opening doors to investors and the international business environment. They offer opportunity for young innovative companies to test their business ideas in practice. With its innovations and creative solutions the city is ever more appealing to larger domestic and foreign companies which want to test their innovative technological solutions. In future the character of a progressive city will be marked by the Centre for the Promotion of Science and the National Institute of Biology with the new Natural History Museum. Next to the Technology Park Ljubljana we will build the Hydrogen City, which will serve as a cluster of production and high technology research activities. This infrastructure will allow Ljubljana to become an experimental city attractive to talented, creative people with innovative ideas.

Appealing Investment Location

The revitalization of the city center in recent years has significantly contributed to the revival of business activities in the area. developers and the local community have begun to consider the quality of public space as the most important element in shaping the image of a successful city. A positive city image significantly influences the city life and is an important factor for its economic and social development. It also helps to reveal advantages and new development opportunities, and is especially important in adopting fundamental strategic decisions which are changing the city. Ljubljana is one of 26 municipalities in the Ljubljana Urban Region with most acquired knowledge and human potential in Slovenia: key state, scientific, research, educational and cultural institutions are all concentrated here.

The region hosts companies’ headquarters employing a significant share of the Slovenian population and generating over a third of the Slovenian gross domestic product. Therefore the Ljubljana Urban Region is the economically most developed region in the country. Since Europe covers a vast territory, European macro-regions play an important role. from this perspective Ljubljana’s competitive advantage is its geostrategic position. Ljubljana and its region are situated at the crossroads of major European transport routes. The city’s favourable location gives companies fast access to Europe and serves as an entry point to the Balkan markets. Slovenia as a country is known for being »just one phone call away from anyone, including the president«.

Rise of Congress and Cultural Tourism

Ljubljana is an architecturally rich city with many cultural layers sedimented over millennia since the Roman Emona giving the city its distinctive spirit of place. friendly and in every season interesting Ljubljana is a magnet for visitors from near and far. This brought about a record rise in overnight stays and significantly reinforced the international reputation of the city’s trademark. By promoting and strengthening city tourism we are making an important contribution to the economic development of the city. Ljubljana is also an important center for specialised international fairs and the home of the largest congress center in Slovenia. As a particularly profitable industry with a high income potential, we are strengthening congress tourism and promoting business meetings throughout the year. Numerous organisers have thus chosen Ljubljana as the venue of international conferences, meetings of eminent institutions and associations as well as an incentive travel destination. Annually there are over 14.000 cultural events and different festivals held in the city. The Ljubljana Summer festival with its rich and high-quality artistic programme also attracts many tourists. Diverse gallery and museum activities complement the vibrant cultural image of the city. In the next period the key cultural infrastructure projects of the city will be the renovation of the abandoned bicycle factory Rog and the old sugar factory Cukrarna. New gallery and exhibition space of large dimensions will host larger exhibitions and events of contemporary art, such as the world wide known Biennial of Industrial design and Ljubljana Biennial of graphic Arts.

Investors Friendly

Ljubljana is the best-managed city in the country with a strong vision and a recognizable brand. The City hall is putting enormous efforts in order to make the business environment in the Ljubljana region more attractive to both local and foreign capital. The city offers a high living standard, security and tolerance. open widely to foreign investors and experts, the city is gradually acquiring a cosmopolitan character and image. The key sectors the City hall wants to develop and promote are city tourism, logistics, housing, research and circular economy. New major investment in infrastructure that could be interesting from the foreign investors’ perspective are a new travellers’ center and a multimodal logistic center. The City has plans for large projects, namely, the IKEA store, the Intermodal Logistic Terminal Ljubljana and the Šmartinska Partnership, 240 hectares re-development area. All projects mentioned above will give new meaning to once brownfield areas which are now bustling with activity. New projects are creating new jobs in the city, increasing Ljubljana’s competitiveness and strengthening its economic position. The well-organised City Administration provides quality services and efficient project management under the leadership of its dynamic mayor. The mayor of Ljubljana is the executive manager and the budgetary officer of the city, his role in attracting investment and development is therefore essential. Ljubljana Urban Region development Agency provides distinctive and quality projects in the field of regional development along with the necessary information for their effective implementation into our daily lives. development in the city region is focussed on the functioning conurbation, thus enabling the best access to public services, while preserving the nearby natural and cultural wellbeing of every citizen.