Private motor vehicle traffic

Sustainable mobility comes first

As one of the goals of the Transport Policy of the City of Ljubljana is to reduce the number of vehicles, which also take up space, we have been focusing on improving public transport and ensuring better cycling and walking conditions, because in our opinion this contributes more to the increase of the quality of life in the city. It is also supported by a stricter parking policy and diverting private vehicles to the outskirts. We are advocating that if cars have to drive into the city they should be as full as possible and as environment- and health-friendly as they can be.

Green-powered vehicles and charging stations

In today’s society a car is an important means of meeting individual’s travel needs therefore it would be difficult to completely take them out of a city as the orientation towards sustainable mobility dictates. But it is important to note that technological development offers alternative fuels which are friendlier towards the environment and our health. Electric power is environment-friendlier than fossil fuels and in Slovenia, much like elsewhere in Europe, there more such vehicles are coming onto our streets. Just for that reason the City of Ljubljana adopted the Electromobility Strategy in the City of Ljubljana in May 2013, which is mostly an upgrade of all sustainably oriented strategies and measures so far adopted. Currently there are around 100 charging stations for electric vehicles in the City of Ljubljana, among them also charging stations that were set up as a permanent measure of this year’s European Mobility Week.

There are also more vehicles powered by methane, that is, compressed natural gas (CNG) in use. In 2011 the first charging station for methane or compressed natural gas powered vehicles was set up in Ljubljana on Cesta Ljubljanske brigade. This way the public energy company Energetika Ljubljana, together with the company Geoplin, d.d., and the public passenger transport company Ljubljanski potniški promet, are meeting one of the environment protection requirements of the European Union for the reduction harmful particle emissions. Namely, the use of methane as fuel in transport significantly reduces the number of dust particles in the atmosphere. 

Another CNG filling station is installed at the P+R Dolgi most, and soon we intend to set up a new charging station for methane powered vehicles in Ljubljana, on Letališka ulica (for private and cargo vehicles), as well as elsewhere across Slovenia.

City Administration’s vehicle fleet

The City of Ljubljana in general supports the use of cleaner fuels, it is updating the vehicle fleet of the city administration and public companies and supplementing it with environment-friendly vehicles. The city administration uses 54 vehicles (operating lease), 43 of them are natural gas vehicles and 2 electric vehicles. This year, during the European Mobility week, we have signed a five-year operational lease for a patrol and official car of the Municipal Police Department – Renault Twizy powered solely by electricity. Public companies and services of the City of Ljubljana are already using some 130 compressed natural gas (methane) powered vehicles.

Vehicle co-use and sharing

Since 2016 a new car sharing system in use in Ljubljana – completely electric car sharing model Avant2Go with exclusively electric vehicles. The system is designed in line with the sustainable cohabitation principles and is among the first in Europe. It was developed by the company Avantcar supported by the company Comtrade and other partners.
It is our endeavour that all vehicles coming to Ljubljana or driving in the city are as full as possible. Namely, according to research the average number of passengers in a vehicle within the city ring road is just 1.2. That is why different types of joint car use are welcome, for instance co-use or sharing of the same car, because this reduces negative impacts on the environment and personal transport costs. The use of platforms and portals for joint car use has significantly widened, for instance: and

Taxis in Ljubljana

Municipality’s competences in the comprehensive management of the area of taxi services are very limited, but nevertheless we are trying to contribute to a higher quality of providing taxi services with different measures. The City Inspectorate and the Municipal Police Department of the City Administration of the City of Ljubljana are exercising tighter controls in line with the Decree on taxi services, and we have also strengthened awareness-raising activities. The municipality is not responsible for issuing licences, as this is managed by the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia, and control over violations with regard to licences is under the purview of the Transport Inspectorate at the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia.
In the area of the City of Ljubljana taxi services can be performed by a person with a registered company (sole trader, limited liability company…) and a valid taxi licence. To provide taxi services in the area of the City of Ljubljana a valid licence is needed which is issued by the competent authority after the receipt of a complete application. The provider of taxi services can receive the taxi licence, giving the taxi service provider the right to operate in the area of the City of Ljubljana, use taxi stations and traffic lanes for the city line passenger transport when providing taxi services in the area of the City of Ljubljana, and a sticker with the City of Ljubljana coat-of-arms and year stamp, confirming the payment of the fee for the respective year at the competent department – Department for Commercial Activities and Traffic.