Friday, 8. 7. 2016

Bicycle Park Kolopark

Alongside Celovška Street the bicycle park Kolopark is being set up, an area for play and learning skills with different vehicles from bicycles, kick scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and rollerskates to push cars.

The new park spans over 905 m2, it is going to be set up as a grass area with a training site for learning skills. The park is also going to include individual pieces of urban equipment and other elements: benches, light fixtures, new trees and a shaded wooden terrace. At the entrance a concrete platform with a protection wall and sitting surfaces is going to be built.
Within the scope of the park a self-service bike workshop is going to be set up, where people will be able to fill their tires, use the provided keys to change the tires and other tools for minor repairs on their bicycles which will increase mobility and traffic safety.
The opening of the bicycle park Kolopark is planned for September 2016 and its use will be free-of-charge.
The value of the investment, financed solely by the City of Ljubljana, which is also going to manage the park, is 50,000 euro. The contractor is Zavod Aliansa.