Tuesday, 10. 5. 2022

Highest recognitions of Ljubljana presented on the city holiday

At the gala session of the City Council of the City of Ljubljana on 9 May, the Ljubljana City Holiday, we presented the highest city recognitions. The Honorary Citizens of Ljubljana are Prof. Dr. Renata Salecl and Jurij Souček.

Honorary citizen Prof. Dr. Renata Salecl and Honorary Citizen Jurij Souček are exceptional personalities who significantly enrich Ljubljana. Renata Salecl is one of the leading Slovenian scientists and intellectuals, who with her critical view of events in Slovenia inspires thinking and active work, and Jurij Souček is a great theatre artist who is remembered as the most recognizable voice of cartoons and fairy tales, generations of children have grown up with.

The Plaques of the City of Ljubljana were presented to:

  • Nino Batagelj
  • BEŠTEKteater
  • Bojan Hajdinjak, MSc
  • Youth Home Jarše
  • music group Noctiferia
  • vicar Bogdan Rus
  • Mladinsko Theatre

The Awards of the City of Ljubljana were presented to:

  • Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture – City of Women
  • Ljubljana Fire Brigade
  • Gregor Jamnik
  • Ljubljana Passenger Transport Kavaliers
  • Biserka Marolt Meden

At the gala session, Mayor Zoran Janković said that he had decided to run again this year with the best team for the mayor of the most beautiful city in the world.