Thursday, 3. 6. 2010

Ljubljana – a film city

The Kinodvor public service enterprise in collaboration with the City of Ljubljana and Ljubljana Tourism has published a brochure intended to attract foreign film and advertising productions to Ljubljana and Slovenia.

The brochure, entitled Ljubljana – A Film City (Ljubljana – filmsko mesto), is an invitation to shoot in Ljubljana and a useful guide providing essential information for foreign producers. The search of the brochure's target audiences began at the recent Cannes Film Festival and will continue at other important film festivals and institutions involved in film production, mainly thanks to support from the Slovenian Film Fund. The brochure, printed in 2,000 copies, is also available on the website at The total project value is €11,346.

The brochure Ljubljana – A Film City shows, in a clear and vivid way, that Ljubljana has a lot to offer to film-makers. Whether due to top locations and good lighting conditions for all types of photography, diverse cultural heritage, urban architecture or unspoilt nature, Ljubljana is a perfect base for taking advantage of Slovenia's diverse landscape, climate, and culture. The brochure provides essential information about Ljubljana and Slovenia, seeking to appeal to film and advertising producers by pointing out the city's ability to meet their logistics requirements in terms of transport connections, accommodation, film institutions, etc.

It is also important to note that from now on all the information needed by foreign producers will be available from a single source, the City of Ljubljana's Department for Culture. The Department has taken the role of a coordinator, which will make it easier for foreign producers to acquire all the necessary information and permits needed for their activities in Ljubljana (consents relating to road closures, the use of protected cultural locations, the organization of events in public spaces, etc.). All inquiries should be addressed to

According to the City of Ljubljana's Strategy for Cultural Development, Ljubljana aims to become a film-friendly city. The recently published brochure, the activities undertaken in relation to it, and in particular the beginning of a good collaboration between all the institutions concerned represent an important step towards increasing the prospect of attracting foreign producers to Ljubljana and achieving the objective set out in the Strategy, which is important both in view of tourism in Ljubljana and the encouragement of the city's cultural development. Industries in the field of culture such as film and advertising are important for the city's development. In the long term, they give fresh impetus to a number of different fields of activity and are therefore well worth investing in.