Tuesday, 15. 11. 2022

Ljubljana is one of the best sustainable destinations in the world

The British news medium The Independent ranked Ljubljana among the six best sustainable destinations travellers should visit.

In the new documentary series Sustainable Travel International, Ljubljana was highlighted as the beautiful capital of Slovenia, which last year took first place on the list of the 20 Best Green Capitals in Europe.

In the justification, they wrote that Ljubljana is the first European capital to commit to becoming a zero-waste society and that it has been paying particular attention to waste management and sustainable urban planning and development of the city for years. The Ljubljana Regional Waste Management Centre (RCERO) was highlighted as the perfect example of regional integration and cooperation. Since 2015, it has been supplying almost a quarter of Slovenia with natural gas for electricity and heat production. At RCERO Ljubljana, separately collected household waste is converted into high-quality compost and energy. As much as 95% of waste is processed into recyclable materials or fuel, meaning that only 5% ends up in a landfill.

They also stressed that Ljubljana has the highest percentage of green areas per capita, as many as 306 kilometres of cycling paths and a 17-hectare area for pedestrians and cyclists, which is the largest green area among cities in the European Union. In addition to Ljubljana, Coulibri Ridge (Dominica), Tropical North Queensland (Australia), Saint Kitts (Caribbean), Aarhus and Copenhagen (Denmark) and Six Senses (Ibiza) also made it onto the list of the best sustainable destinations.

The City of Ljubljana committed itself to the city's sustainable development already in 2007, and while caring for our environment, we also ensure the conditions for a high-quality life for all generations of citizens. In that period, we have already carried out over 2,400 projects, with which we raise the quality of living in our city. We are pleased that our achievements were once again recognized in the international environment.