Tuesday, 12. 5. 2020

Relaxing measures restoring life in Ljubljana

With the gradual introduction of relaxing measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia with regard to the prevention of coronavirus infections life in Ljubljana is steadily getting back on track.

In line with specific rules restaurant and pub gardens are open, the Ljubljana Castle opened its doors again (with the exception of the funicular which will run when public transport is restored), the Ljubljana public libraries are also opening gradually in a limited scope, while museums and galleries are opening tomorrow. Ljubljana Pharmacies are also gradually extending the working hours of their units.

Visitors still have to follow the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the National Institute of Public Health and keep a safety distance.

City buses running again

Since Monday, 11 May 2020, city buses are running again. Measures and recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the National Institute of Public Health to be followed while riding a bus:

  • Passengers are obliged to wear protective masks on the bus.
  • Passengers must enter the bus individually and disinfect their hands with a disinfectant set up at the entrance.
  • Entry into a bus is possible only at the second door and exit at the third or fourth door. Entry at the second door is to prevent contact between passengers and drivers and thus further reduce the possibility of the spread of the coronavirus.
  • The direction of entry and exit is going to be marked on all buses.
  • Notices with bus ride rules are going to be set up on buses and bus stops.
  • To ensure safety distance between passengers notices are going to be placed on certain seats appealing to passengers not to sit there and thus keep a safety distance.


Photo: Energetika Ljubljana

To the Castle again also by funicular railway

On Saturday, 16 May 2020, the funicular railway will start running to Ljubljana Castle again. It will drive between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., at a time when the castle is open.

District youth centres opening their doors

The Public Institute Young Dragons is gradually and safely reintroducing activities in district youth centres.

District youth centres of the Public Institute Young Dragons have reopened on Monday, 11 May 2020, first they are going to operate from Monday to Friday between 14:00 and 17:00. Then they are going to gradually extend their working hours and start street youth work, the mobile youth centre Ljuba&Drago is also returning to the streets.

Going to the market at usual times

On Monday, 4 May 2020, all Ljubljana markets have started operating according to the usual schedule in force before the onset of the circumstances due to the epidemic.

Reintroduction of parking fees

With a gradual relaxation of measures due to the coronavirus epidemic we are noticing an increasing occupancy of parking spaces because of daily migrants, which means there are consequentially less available parking spaces for citizens with annual parking permits. That is why the Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia unanimously adopted a decision to reintroduce payment of parking fees on public parking surfaces in all urban municipalities on 4 May 2020. Namely, from 15 March to 30 April 2020 the use of all parking spaces was made free-of-charge.
Despite this the City of Ljubljana is going to continue to provide free-of-charge parking in May in the area of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana for its employees.

In May, restaurant and bar gardens are free of charge for all tenants

Tenants of catering gardens and premises owned by the City of Ljubljana, who were forced to close these premises due to a government decree, were exempted from paying rent for the period from 15 March to 30 April 2020.
As the weather forecast for May turned out to be bad, we decided not to charge for the use of public space for catering gardens in May. This means that the catering gardens are free of charge for all tenants.

Ljubljana cafe scene 2 D Wedam
Photo: D. Wedam, Ljubljana Tourism

Ljubljana ZOO reopened

On Monday, 27 April 2020, the Ljubljana ZOO has reopened. In addition to all official instructions, there are a few specific rules visitors to the Ljubljana ZOO have to follow.

The City of Ljubljana Main Office reopened

On Thursday, 23 April 2020, we have opened again the Main Office of the City of Ljubljana and the joint payment office of public companies and the Ljubljana Public Holding at Mačkova ulica 1.

Revival of sports

On Wednesday, 22 April 2020, we have opened again some running and tennis surfaces and the Youth Golf Centre Stanežiče, all managed by the public institute Ljubljana Sport.

Waste collection centres reopened

Since Wednesday, 15 April 2020, Collection Centre Barje and suburban collection centres are operating again. The Collection Centre Povšetova remains closed for now.