Thursday, 27. 12. 2018

The Brdnikova ulica detention basin improving flood protection

We have opened a detention basin on the street Brdnikova ulica with which we are improving flood protection in the area of Rožna dolina.

The set-up of the detention basin has been carried out in several phases. In the first phase we have built an anti-flood embankment for water retention, rebuilt the street Pot Roberta Blinca and reconstructed the crossroads with the street Pot za Brdom, raised the bridge construction over the river Glinščica and laid the foundation for the construction of the floodgate on the river Glinščica. In the second phase we have erected the floodgate, set up a measurement point for floodgate operation and reconstructed the street Pot za Brdom. And in the third phase we have set up the detention basin for the retention of 100‑year floodwater.