Library under the Treetops

Thursday, 21. 2. 2013

A book in the countryside is a forgotten pleasure.

In partnership with social initiatives, a number of projects were set up during UNESCO's 'Ljubljana – World Book Capital 2010' that are still ongoing, including the Library under the Treetops.
Always full of juicy news, new authors and incredible story lines, the world-class 'Library under the Treetops' is a Ljubljana speciality. In little reading nooks under the trees at six carefully selected shady urban sites, citizens of and visitors to Ljubljana can enjoy free reading from spring to autumn.

From autumn to spring, when the 'reading' lawns under the snow-whitened trees are closed, you are welcome to visit Tivoli Greenhouse, and in nice weather you may even take a deck chair and your book out into the sun.

Anyone that would like to contribute to the success of the Library under the Treetops project, which has also been launched in other Slovenian towns, is very welcome to contribute their suggestions.
Library under the Treetops was created in partnership with the Wild Idea Institute for Non-profit Communications