Cycling in Ljubljana

In the summer months, cycling is once of the nicest ways of getting around the centre of Ljubljana.

The "Bicike(lj)" self-service bike borrowing system

Public transport in Ljubljana is supplemented by urban cycling in the self-service bike borrowing system'Bicike(lj)'. The system has 300 bikes with 600 parking places at 31 stations in the broader city centre area.

Residents and visitors can get about the broader Ljubljana city centre area virtually free by bike, as the annual cost of registration for bike use is only €3 and is recorded as a credit to your account. Weekly use of the system is intended above all for visitors to Ljubljana and registration costs are €1.

The first hour of bike borrowing is free for all Bicike(lj) system users. Just five minutes after returning a bike to one of the stations with bike racks, you will be able to borrow another bike that the system treats as a new journey with the first hour of use free.

It is necessary to register on the website prior to your first use. Two options are available, annual or weekly subscription. Annual subscribers are able to use the system with their Urbana card and personal identification number, while upon registration weekly subscribers receive a user's code and a PIN number.

As it is a self-service borrowing system, it is operational 24 hours a day every day of the year. Bike users in the Bicike(lj) system have a free helpline number 080 23 34 available every working day between 6am and 10pm and between 8am and 8pm at weekends and on public holidays. The helpline number can also be used to record information about possible damage to bikes, which the maintenance team repair and return to use as soon as possible.

'Ljubljana bike'

Ljubljana bike is a project run by the Ljubljana Tourism public institute in which you can borrow bikes in the city centre in the summer and early autumn.

You can find out more about 'Ljubljana bike' at the following link.