Ljubljana Public Transport

Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o., the Ljubljana Public Transport public company provides safe, reliable and smooth public transport within the boundaries of the City of Ljubljana.

City bus timetables

Timetables are available on Ljubljana Public Transport's website.

Approaching city buses

Information about approaching city buses can be checked on the website - when the next bus is going to arrive at your bus stop and thus you won't need to waste time waiting. The information can also be sent to your mobile - send an SMS to 2929 – while more about how to use this service can be found in the Conditions and instructions for SMS use (you can access the required information in 7 ways).


Urbana City Card

The Uniform Urbana City Card is a contactless smart card that enables quick and convenient cashless payment for Ljubljana city bus journeys. It's also possible to use your Urbana card to pay for using the funicular to and from Ljubljana Castle, parking in white zones and car parks managed by the Ljubljana Parking and Markets public company. In future, it will also be possible to use your Urbana card to pay for library services, and after that even for museum visits, sporting facilities and cultural events.

Urbana has brought in the biggest changes in payments for city public transport services. The card was introduced as a modern electronic payment system that allows 90 minutes’ free travel from the time of payment for the first journey.

Ljubljana is among the first cities in Europe to have introduced a uniform payment system for city services, as we would like the everyday errands of the Slovenian capital city's residents and visitors to be even simpler, friendlier, cheaper and more convenient.

Two types of Urbana Card

The value Urbana card – is yellow and has replaced tokens and cash. It does not have the holder's name and is transferrable. It is possible to add credit to the card up to a total of €50. The lowest amount that can be credited at an Urbanomat is €1, while there is no restriction on the lowest amount at other sales outlets.

The periodic Urbana card – is green and replaces all types of monthly passes. The bearer's name is on the card and it is non-transferrable. An unlimited number of journeys on all bus lines is permitted. It is possible to get a periodic card at the passenger ticket office at Ljubljana Public Transport bus depot on Celovška and at Ljubljana bus station, where the right to use individual types of monthly passes is inscribed. Refilling your periodic card is possible at Urbanomats and all other sales points, where the validity of the card for the selected month is extended via payment of the selected monthly ticket. Besides or instead of a monthly ticket, you can also put a selected credit value (up to €50) and use it as you would tokens or cash or to pay for other services included in the city card uniform system. If you have a valid monthly travel pass loaded on your periodic card, the system takes note of this and not the cash value of the funds, but if the system detects that there is no valid monthly travel pass loaded on your periodic card then the cost of the journey is automatically deducted from the credit on your card.

The green Urbana card may be transferred at the request of the user in exceptional cases but the name or surname must not be written on the card and it is not possible to have a registered right to a periodic card or the status of a periodic card.

The Urbana card is permanent, and credit on it does not lapse in time.