RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a simple and unobtrusive way of keeping website users informed about the updates of particular website contents such as news, press releases and event calendars.

Update notifications are aggregated in one place (a special application used for reading RSS feeds, a browser or an email-reading application supporting RSS feeds). As the links within RSS feeds go directly to new contents, website users are relieved of having to search for fresh updates each time they visit a website.

How to start using RSS feeds?

The websites enabling users to monitor updated content using the RSS service display a special RSS icon in the browser tool bar. Website users can subscribe to a website's RSS feed either by simply clicking on the browser icon or they can install a special application for reading RSS feeds from multiple web sources, such as RSS Bandit for Windows or Vienna for Mac OS. A simple RSS application is available from Google, but RSS feeds can also be subscribed to from a number of email-reading applications.

Using this website's RSS feed, you can keep up with the following contents:

  • News and Focus

    Get the lastest news and notificiations about the capital city of Slovenia. Also included in the RSS feed are news from Focus category which is run by editorial board of website MOL.