Aleš Čerin

Born 18 July 1949

I was born in Ljubljana. After finishing primary school at Bežigrad High School, in 1973 I graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. I am a man of business, so I spent the first ten years of my working life at Ljubljana industrial assembly companies, and then for eight years I found myself in politics: as President of the Ljubljana – Bežigrad Executive Board 1984-1986 and general secretary of the Executive Council, i.e. the Government of the Republic of Slovenia 1986-1992. From then until 2005 I worked at Mercator, from 1997 as a director. I have been a Deputy Mayor of the City of Ljubljana since 2006.

As my greatest achievements I count my work in the Slovenian government just at the time that we Slovenes were preparing for independence and the acquisition of our statehood. A second milestone in my work was the success story of Janković's management, when development and acquisition saw Mercator become the biggest and best company in the country. A third milestone was being part of the great and convincing victory at the 2006 elections and our successful work in the mandate that followed.

I have always been very active in sports, for two terms (1997 - 2005) I was President of the Slovenian Cycling Federation and I am still an avid cyclist. I am also proud of my two books (1999, 2006).

I decided to run for the fifth consecutive term as Deputy Mayor at the invitation of the Mayor because we make a great team with healthy and pleasant mutual relations, because work brings me joy and fulfilment and because so many citizens support us. During this mandate as Deputy Mayor, the majority of my activities will again be focused on the work of the City Council and our councillor group and on regulating relations with other council groups. My scope of work also includes legal and HR issues, and I personally enjoy the challenge of negotiating with individual ministries about joint projects, tasks and the toughest nuts. I have been working with Mayor Zoran Janković for 25 years, and I don't know any other man who is as hardworking as him, every day from morning to even late into the night, as well as on weekends. He is passionate about his work and fully identifies with the organization he leads. It is impressive how many things he is interested in and with what extraordinary memory he processes data. Working with him is not easy, it can be demanding but also fun. That is why, even though, together with the Mayor and the team, we are running the City of Ljubljana for the fifth term already, my work is still far from a set routine. Ljubljana is not a metropolis, but it is just the right size, modern, pleasant, green and safe capital. What makes Ljubljana beautiful are the citizens, cosmopolitans, volunteers, artists, creators and just ordinary people who do good deeds. Unlike a group of architects, who otherwise write very articulately and point out what the city authorities are not doing well or even badly. In their opinion, that is practically everything, but they are not offering better solutions, in short, they are just criticizing and being know-it-alls. And they were not able to find out, before the November elections, how to collect signatures to file a candidacy for the City Council.