Ljubljana. For you.

The task of the City of Ljubljana is to assure the best service to all our citizens. In our work we always focus on that, as we would like to assure for everybody a high quality of live in a clean, orderly, green, safe and friendly city. 

The title of European Green Capital has significantly strengthened Ljubljana’s recognition worldwide, upgraded the brand of our city and put us on the map of leading sustainable, green, tourist and innovative cities. Mayor Zoran Janković and his colleagues are the ones who, in the last decade, have from a prolonged sleep awoken Ljubljana, to him the most beautiful city in the world, and elevated it to the very summit of Europe. Many projects and measures orchestrated under his baton have a common goal – to ensure a high quality of live for every generation in a beautiful, orderly, clean, safe, solidary and green city.

During the green year, public environmental awareness only grew and we can say that in recent years we have all radically changed our habits, from carefully separating our waste, to considering more environmentally friendly ways of getting around the city (the car is no longer the first and only choice, it’s better to sit on a bike or ride on the bus), reducing use of plastic bags and much more.