• Award winning performance The Republic of Slovenia

    The performance The Republic of Slovenia, a coproduction of Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Institute, won the Šeligo Award for best production at The Week of Slovenian Drama.

  • Energy renovation of buildings

    On 6 April 2017, The City of Ljubljana and the consortium of companies Petrol and GGE signed the contact on energy renovation of public buildings under the ownership of the City of Ljubljana. It is the biggest public-private partnership project in Slovenia in the area of energy contracting in Slovenian municipalities.

  • Boris Pahor monument

    On 6 April 2017, the monument of the writer Boris Pahor was unveiled in the Tivoli Park in the immediate vicinity of the Edvard Kocbek monument.

  • Let’s help the bee – plant flowers in the city

    For the fourth consecutive year the City of Ljubljana and the company BTC in cooperation with partners are heading the programme »Let’s help the bee – plant flowers in the city« encouraging citizens to plant their balconies and window boxes with honey plants and by doing so provide the city bees with sufficient forage.

  • World Autism Awareness Day

    On 2 April, World Autism Awareness Day, the City of Ljubljana joined the international initiative »Light it up Blue« and lit up the Triple Bridge and the Ljubljana Castle blue.

  • Award winning documentary by Bičevje Primary School

    A group of pupils at the Bičevje Primary School won numerous awards at international festivals for their documentary A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Smile for Mankind.

  • Earth Hour

    On Saturday, 25 March 2017, the City of Ljubljana with its public institutes and companies turned off the exterior lighting on some of its buildings and by doing so joined the international environmental initiative Earth Hour.

  • New Bicike(LJ) stations

    This spring we have expanded the Bicike(LJ) bicycle co-sharing system with new stations set up in different parts of Ljubljana to promote the development of sustainable mobility and by doing so to further improve the quality of life in Ljubljana.

  • Best apartment building in Ljubljana 2016

    During the year when Ljubljana held the title European Green Capital 2016, the Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana campaign was conducted. The apartment building on Topniška 45 was announced as the first winner.

  • Electric train Urban out of service

    On 23 March 2017, the electric train Urban caught fire on the parking lot of the public passenger transport company LPP and is out of service until further notice.