Department for Health and Social Care


- carries out tasks in the field of ensuring health protection and health activities at primary level and determining and ensuring a network of public health service at primary level, as well as tasks in the field of social care that are within MOL’s competences,

- accelerates and organises activities and programmes of social care and health protection,

- prepares and carries out public tenders for co-financing health and social protection supplementary programmes run by non-governmental organisations and public institutes,

- ensures the carrying out of family help at home services in the public service framework,

- leads procedures of granting concessions for the family help at home service,

- ensures the payment of procurement expenses in social protection institutes for the elderly and people with special needs that are partly or fully exempt from payment by special measures, and the payment of family carers,

- carries out tasks connected with granting financial assistance in Ljubljana,

- leads procedures of granting concessions for primary health and pharmacy activities,

- executes procedures of compulsory health insurance by law,

- ensures the carrying out of death certification in its area.