Monday, 19. 12. 2016

Apple of quality 2016

The Livada Primary School and the Ljubljana City Library have received the national recognition Apple of Quality 2016 with which the Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes awards the best implemented projects in European educational and training programmes.

The Livada Primary School has received an award in the category European Language Label in the priority area Multilingual Schools and Classrooms – embracing diversity in schools. The Ljubljana City Library also received an award in the category European Language Label in the priority area Language-Friendly Environment – occasional language courses.

The Livada Primary School is proud to receive the award and on the occasion the principle thanked the teachers whose work contributed to the »transformation from a ‘bad’ school into an example of good practice«.

For the Ljubljana City Library the recognition serves as proof that a library can in addition to its primary mission offer a range of high-quality and goal-oriented activities, among them informal occasional language courses for different target groups of users. Library members can choose from different types of free learning: individual learning, assisted learning, courses, and reading and debate clubs. The activities are tailored to different age groups, especially to preschool children and adults after their formal education, and some of them promote intergenerational learning. The users have access to diverse learning materials and internet resources, magazines, newspapers and other library materials in a variety of languages. In the opinion of the Ljubljana City Library, its comprehensive approach and sustainable education orientation undoubtedly contribute to the rising number of people learning and in general to the development of a language-friendly environment.