Monday, 21. 12. 2015

European Public Sector Award

The City of Ljubljana is the only municipality in Slovenia to receive the award for best practices at local level for its activities in the LGBT field which is presented by the European Institute of Public Administration within the framework of the European Public Sector Award.

Under the scope of this year’s theme »The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society« a search for best practice cases of civil society inclusion in the governance process was launched.
In our application we presented good practices of the City of Ljubljana in the LGBT field, for instance, support given to LGBT organisations (i.e., co-financing different programmes, making municipal facilities available for use, endorsing different events such as the Pride Parade) and diverse awareness-raising activities (publication of the Rainbow Ljubljana booklet, LGBT-friendly certificate, consultations...). Last year, because of all aforementioned activities, we were happy and proud to respond to the invitation to join the international Rainbow Cities Network.
We are very pleased that activities in the LGBT field were recognized as an example of good practices abroad, as well. Among other, the jury stated that Ljubljana shows the way with its activities how to start and continue improving the quality of life of LGBT people.
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