Friday, 3. 7. 2015

Innovation award

Public company JP Žale received the bronze award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Commerce for the Central Slovenian region for the innovation »Grave Search«.

Grave Search is the result of socially responsible operation of the company ŽALE, d.o.o., and continuous monitoring of the needs of clients who in such a big cemetery like Žale with approximately 45 thousand graves have difficulties finding the grave they are looking for. The search engine is an innovative way, employing modern technology, of giving users easy access to the requested data.
There are two versions of the Grave Search – online and mobile. Both versions have two main features: - set option of searching for a certain grave at the Žale Cemetery and other 17 cemeteries managed by the company ŽALE, d.o.o.; - set option of searching for graves of known relatives and getting to know them (biographies, presentations). Both versions use the same database on those deceased whose family members did not object to the publication of the information. You can enter the name and surname of the deceased you are looking for, and also limit the number of hits by entering the year of birth or death. The database also includes biographical data on famous deceased buried at the Žale Cemetery listed in the book Žale of Ljubljana – a Guidebook of the Cemetery authored by Milena Piškur. This enables us to get to know people who made an important mark on our history, and at the same time it contributes to the promotion of the cemetery as a park imbued with the cultural and historical heritage of the nation.