Thursday, 8. 12. 2016

Ljubljana, bee-friendly municipality

At the competition for the Most Bee-Friendly Municipality 2016 the City of Ljubljana was placed third.

In the City of Ljubljana we are aware of the significance of bees for our survival, therefore we pay special attention to them. Within the framework of the title European Green Capital 2016 the Bee Path came to life connecting beekeepers, cultural and educational institutions as well as companies to raise awareness on the importance of bees for the city and the preservation of the environment. The award is a recognition of our work and we are proud that the bee and beekeeping preservation activities of the City of Ljubljana have been acknowledged, and at the same time the recognition serves as motivation for further work in the field. Just to add, only beekeeping associations could nominate municipalities for the competition as their members can best evaluate the cooperation with the local community in the field of bee and beekeeping preservation.