Wednesday, 30. 11. 2016

Ljubljana, environmentally friendly municipality

Municipality of Ljubljana has been awarded the title of Planet Earth-Friendly Municipality for the fifth consecutive year.

The aim of the contest Planet Earth-Friendly Municipality is to raise awareness of the impact of all decisions of the local community on the environment and raise the quality of life of the citizens through the evaluation of the measures (or a condition) by competent institutions (Slovenia Forest Service, Directorate for Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Nutrition, the National Institute of Public Health, the Factory of Sustainable Tourism GoodPlace, Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Institute for Safe Play, Institute for Nature Conservation, Institute of Construction Slovenia, and Planet Earth Society).

It stated in the commentary that the Municipality of Ljubljana deserves praise for systematic and professional approach to both planning and implementation of communications and promotional projects. "Preserving the environment has become one of the strategic themes on which the city is building its image. Manner of presentation is displayed to visitors in an understandable and accessible way, helping to popularize the awareness of environmental protection. The Municipality enables children of different age groups and abilities to play on a great number of public playgrounds. The Capital is characterized by urban parks and forests, which extend to the very centre of the city. The forest area is well taken care of, while investing in the knowledge of the forest owners is not overlooked. All the facilities and equipment owned by the Municipality are powered by 100% renewable energy sources, as well as active measures in the field of sustainable transport are being carried out. The Municipality has started the renovation of remote systems and has been introducing energy accounting and a central control system for buildings in public ownership. There are a number of activities and promotions conducted by the Municipality in the trend of re-use, sharing, sensible shopping and changing the dominant ways of consumption. The Municipality regulates the uptake of various types of waste, an analysis of illegal dumpsites is being carried out and the problems are being successfully solved. It is very active and successful in supporting local and organically grown food. The closure of the city centre and the promotion of alternative ways of mobility are also commendable. The Municipality has adopted a strategy for the development of transport infrastructure and has built a business model of company cars lease, taking into account the environmental aspects in the lifespan of the vehicles. The Municipality strives to reduce the amount of PM10 particles and noise pollution, uses green public procurement and informs its citizens about the importance of sustainable transport.”