Tuesday, 5. 12. 2017

Ljubljana most bee-friendly municipality 2017

Within the scope of the Beekeeping Tourism Day the City of Ljubljana received the recognition Most Bee-Friendly Municipality 2017.

Ljubljana focused more intensively on the development of structured and comprehensive care for bees in 2015 when the Bee Path came to life. It connects everyone who cares for the wellbeing of bees in the city. Today it includes 32 institutions in the field of culture, education and health, companies, non-governmental organisations and beekeepers.

Among special achievements which earned us the title Most Bee-Friendly Municipality 2017 we are highlighting the following:

  • the set-up of the city apiary in the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana
  • planting honey plants in the city
  • honey garden at Grba within the public orchard
  • little pyramid honey garden in Europe Park
  • guided tourist tours of the Bee Path (a three-hour long programme, a whole-day visit and path discovery) and pedagogical programmes for all three triads of the nine-year primary school programme
  • big exhibition titled Urban Beekeeping from Plečnik to Present Times
  • the discussion titled Challenges and opportunities of urban beekeeping in the City of Ljubljana and wider area
  • establishment of the On-call Service for Swarm Collection in the City in which beekeepers, the Ljubljana Fire Brigade and rescue services (112) have joined forces.

The Bee Path is also recognised internationally. The project received the title URBACT Good Practices.

We are also promoting beekeeping and bee products with the annual Honey Day and Honey Desserts Week. We are building a bridge between beekeepers and citizens and raising awareness on the significance of bees for our survival. At the same time we are connecting bees with two other areas – self-sufficiency and biodiversity preservation.