Thursday, 29. 10. 2015

Ljubljana – Slovenia Green Destination

Ljubljana is the first destination in Slovenia with the title Slovenia Green Destination. The certificate of the highest, golden category was awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board within the framework of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.

With the award of first certificates within the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism the Slovenian Tourist Board is following the vision and goals of increasing the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism and strengthening Slovenia’s image as a sustainably oriented and green tourist destination which is also the mission of Ljubljana Tourism for Ljubljana as the European Green Capital 2016.
Ljubljana received the golden certificate on the basis of the fact it was rated over 8.0 in three out of five categories – sustainable indicators are classified into the fields of nature, environment, identity and culture, tourism and business, and destination and safety. It received the highest mark in the field of identity and culture.
Just as a reminder, last year 30 international experts put Ljubljana on the list of most sustainable tourist destinations in the world, the so called Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations 2014.
Sustainable orientation and continuous improvements are an integral part of the activities of Ljubljana Tourism and the City of Ljubljana, not only in fundamental development documents but also in the commitment adopted by Ljubljana upon receiving the title European Green Capital 2016.

Tourist Ljubljana received two further awards

The Tourist Association of Slovenia presented awards to the most orderly places in Slovenia at the event My Country – Beautiful and Hospitable 2015. In the bigger cities category Ljubljana was ranked second. The recognition was awarded with the justification that Ljubljana is a small city that can offer everything the big cities have, and its public transportation is becoming increasingly greener. In addition, it is also reclaiming its culinary identity and reviving lively festivals. There are possibilities for improvement in the area of developing running trails and stories of the river Ljubljanica. At the award ceremony of Dnevnikova izvidnica (Dnevnik’s reconnaissance) Ljubljana received a special recognition for excellence. The expert panel gave an explanatory statement that »Ljubljana cannot be compared with other municipalities – because of its size, quality, growth rate, order and value of investments. It deviates from Slovenian criteria in a positive sense. If we also consider the fact that at home we usually see value long after the rest of the world has recognised it, it is appropriate to at least give Ljubljana the recognition it deserves. For excellence in tourism.«