Monday, 6. 11. 2017

Mayor Zoran Janković received high recognition of the Russian Federation

In Moscow, on Saturday, 4 November 2017, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Friendship to Mayor Zoran Janković for his contribution to strengthening Slovenian-Russian relations and preserving the memory of Russian and Soviet soldiers fallen on Slovenian territory during the First and the Second World War.

President Putin decorated eight individuals from six countries – Minister Anja Kopač Mrak and representatives from Russia, Serbia, France, Spain and Turkey also received the recognition.

The recognition was given by President Putin to Zoran Jankovič at an official reception on a Russian national holiday, the Unity Day, hosted in the Grand Kremlin Palace by President Putin with all Russian leaders in attendance.

The Order of Friendship is considered one of the most prestigious Russian awards. It is awarded for outstanding merits, among others strengthening the friendship and cooperation between Russia and other nations.

Mayor Zoran Janković and President of Russia Vladimir Putin.