Thursday, 28. 5. 2015

MGML received the Živa award

The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana received the prestigious Živa Award for leadership at an award ceremony in St. Petersburg.

Ten finalists from Slavic countries competed for the Živa Award presented by the Forum of Slavic Cultures, the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana being one them. In the past months the countries were visited by an international jury comprised of experts from the European Museum Academy and the Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSC) which together with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation hosted all ten finalists at the award ceremony in Saint Petersburg last night.

Blaž Peršin, Director of MGML, explained that “this recognition is proof of our successful work, especially in understanding what a contemporary museum or gallery is, and the meaning of social responsibility supported by our institution. The mission of MGML is, without a doubt, based on openness to new ideas and approaches that validate the importance of our institution within its urban area. Proof of this is, besides the nomination, that audiences attend all of our exhibitions and events in great numbers. We are not just a museum and galleries anymore – we have become a cultural centre of sorts, a mediator of our city’s urban pulse.”

The Živa Award is presented by the Forum of Slavic Cultures, an international organisation founded in 2004. According to its president Andreja Rihter, the goals of the institution are to recognise exceptional achievements in the field of movable and immovable heritage and the promotion of the common Slavic culture, as well as initiating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
The Živa Award, established in 2012, was named after the Slavic goddess of life, youth, beauty, vitality and fertility. The key criteria for the Živa Award also follow these values, namely social responsibility, creativity, interpretation, communication, good use of resources, education, conservation and research, and sustainability for the future. All types of museums can compete for the award, from technical to historical, natural history museums, to architecture and ethnographic museums. Furthermore, it is of no importance how long ago the museum was established, or if it is a local or a national museum. What matters is the openness of the museum and its commitment to play an active role within the society which it serves.