Friday, 20. 10. 2017

Recognition for a significant contribution to tourism development

At the 7th Days of Slovenian Tourism in Kranjska Gora, Mayor Zoran Janković received the highest recognition of the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia for his significant contribution to the development of Slovenian Tourism.

In the justification they stated that Mayor Zoran Janković contributed to the development of Slovenian tourism with his work and engagement. This can be attributed mainly to his highly efficient, successful and penetrating destination management, and great influence on the sustainable development of tourism in the whole of Slovenia, not only in Ljubljana. »Zoran Janković operates and leads the capital in line with the guidelines of sustainable development and protection of cultural heritage, and plays a crucial role in connecting key stakeholders in tourism on the level of the whole of Slovenia as well as outside our borders. Under his leadership numerous sustainably oriented products and services in tourism have developed and are still developing. The recipient of the award has carried out model urban development of the centre of Ljubljana which has a positive influence on other local communities as it has created a good example of the revival of the old city centre of the capital. In addition, he is successful in attracting foreign investors for the construction of new tourist buildings in Ljubljana needed in the city for the development of tourism.

Mayor Zoran Janković
With his charisma, perseverance and insight he is connecting the local residents with the city, tourists and the economy. Optimism, clear decisions, development orientation and ideology of Mr Zoran Janković are exceptional. These are just a few reasons supporting our justified decision,« as was also written in the justification of the recognition.