Tuesday, 17. 5. 2016

The Golden Tourist Heart

Sacen International has awarded Ljubljana Tourism with the second Golden Tourist Heart of the Mediterranean and South-East Europe.

This year, in competition with 18 countries, it won the award in the continental tourism category. This is already the second recognition from Sacen and with it Ljubljana Tourism is increasing the service quality recognisability in markets of South-East Europe which are strategically important for tourism in Ljubljana and the broader region. The International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality development Sacen International has been presenting the Golden Tourist Heart awards for 26 years already. As part of the campaign »Let us choose the most successful in tourism of the Mediterranean and South-East Europe 2015« the international tourist patrol visited, in addition to Slovenia, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Cyprus, Tunisia, Malta and Greece during the evaluation period and chose the best in different areas. Ljubljana won the »Champion of Continental Tourism of the Mediterranean and South-East Europe« award, and the winners in other areas were Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. This is already the second recognition from Sacen International, namely, Ljubljana Tourism received the first Golden Tourist Heart in 2013 in the category »Golden Cup of Hospitality of South East Europe 2012« for the project connecting tourist services in the Central Slovenia region. With recognitions won in a strategically important market (with regard to the number of overnight stays Serbia holds the ninth place) Ljubljana Tourism is influencing an important segment of the target public – the professional public which includes travel organisers, agents, transport operators and, last but not least, the media.