Ljubljana today

Both the residents of Ljubljana and its numerous visitors consider Ljubljana with its 276,000 inhabitants a city made to man's measure. Regardless of being classified as a medium-sized European city, it has retained the pleasant atmosphere of a small town, but at the same time it has everything that large capitals can boast.

Ljubljana is a city of culture with numerous theatres, museums, galleries and one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world. Every year it hosts more than 10,000 cultural events. The first impression that visitors to Ljubljana normally have is that Ljubljana is an exceptionally young city, which is particularly due to the special atmosphere created by the city's more than 50,000 university students. Due to its university and several internationally renowned institutes, Ljubljana is frequented by all kinds of scientists, due to its lively creative atmosphere by world famous artists, due to a large number of business gatherings and fairs by businessmen from around the world, and due to a large number of congresses by numerous international experts.

On account of its favourable geographical position it makes an excellent starting point for exploring the many faces and beauties of Slovenia.