Input materials for the industries of the future

In the process of invasive plants biomass processing in e.g. paper or other products, only cellulose is used while lignins and sugars are considered waste. As part of the project, we will explore the possibility of transforming this waste into useful chemicals for industry. The project will make a significant contribution to the shift from the use of petroleum chemicals and its derivatives to the development of future industry guidelines based on optimal energy use, the circular economy and the "zero-waste" principle.

In the process of delignification a by-product is formed, a liquor containing substances that can easier or more difficult decay. In the framework of the project, we will verify the possibility of using clones of microbesfor the production of ferulic acid, which will be used together with lignin for chemical transformations into useful chemicals (e.g. vanilla, which is an intermediate in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other fine chemicals).

Sugars that are present in wood will be used as a substrate for the cultivation of microbes. Microbes will further on convert these sugars into polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), which are suitable for the synthesis of polyesters with wide applicability.