Tuesday, 15. 10. 2019

DIY birdhouse out of invasive Black Locust!

Human kind has left its mark on our planet by changing natural habitats into agricultural and urban areas. Despite the negative effects of these actions there are some plant species, such as invasive alien species, which are thriving in these altered ecosystems. But how do these new conditions affect animals such as birds?

The majority of birds find it difficult to adapt to life in cities. Besides the lack of green areas, trees, and nesting possibilities they are also being disturbed by the noise and light pollution. Noise disturbs communication between birds when they use acoustic signals to attract mates, defend their territory, caution against danger and deter competition. Street lights even keep some birds active during the night when they should be resting.



Trajna collective has therefore decided to use invasive Black Locust or False Acacia wood to design and build a green roof birdhouse. Its purpose is providing a safe haven for small songbirds, like tits, to nest in.
The green roof is covered with common houseleeks and stonecrops, which also attract pollinating insects. This kind of roof provides better heat and sound isolation and can even inspire architects to follow its example when planning new buildings in increasingly hotter cities.
We have designed open-code plans with which anyone can make this birdhouse. If you are interested in plans for this DIY project, please contact us via e-mail on info@trajna.com.

Authors of the Green roof birdhouse are: Trajna Association and Katarina Lampič