Nature activities

Do something for yourself and your environment

There is a rising demand for active spending of free-time. You are invited to discover your living space, individually or in the company of numerous non-governmental or non-profit organisations offering projects we are co-financing.

Jesenko Path – forest educational path

The Jesenko forest educational path was set up in 1986 during the congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations. It was named after the first professor of botany at the University of Ljubljana who was then a prominent nature protectionist responsible for the protection of the Triglav National Park. On the 3 km long educational path you can see 30 different tree species marked with signs. Approximately one third of the species are local and others were brought from elsewhere.

Educational Path at the Koseze Pond

Since 2014 the visitors to the Koseze Pond can take a walk along an educational path presenting different habitats as well as plant and animal species living at the Koseze Pond and in it. Special attention is given to alien animal and plant species presenting problems on the shore of the pond and in its water.

Amphibian protection campaign on Večna pot

The aim of the campaign is physical protection of the amphibians and raising public awareness about the impact of traffic on amphibians. Each spring, in cooperation with the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, a special fence is erected on Večna pot opposite to the ZOO to stop the amphibians from crossing the road. The awareness raising campaign is also conducted through media coverage and thematic publications.

Moor frog protection in Mestni log

The aim of the project is moor frog protectionand raising public awareness about the problem of disturbing this species during spawning. As there are very few habitats suitable for this frog species, it is highly endangered. Curious people causing disturbances during mating when the skin of the male turns blue are endangering the reproductive success of the species. In cooperation with the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles and the management of the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park we organise a »frog patrol«, the members of the society conduct workshops and lectures in schools and kindergartens and educate park visitors who come to take a picture of this interesting and attractive species.