Towards circular economy

In the City of Ljubljana we have prepared a selection of circular economy examples we are already following in the city administration, public companies, public institutes or in district authorities. The list of examples will be kept up to date.

We are convinced that in future the shift from linear to circular economy will have a significant impact not only on production but also the whole social order and the change in our mentality. If we learn to use and consume less, to reuse things and continue to follow the sharing economy principles, we and our environment will come out as winners.

In the City of Ljubljana circular economy was the main theme of the year 2017 and of the EUROCITIES international conference, which Ljubljana was hosting in November 2017.

What is circular economy?

Circular economy is a new economic model which can be most directly defined as the challenge “How to keep different resources in the production and consumption cycle as long as possible?« Circular economy includes material selection, modular product design and products which can be maintained, repaired, upgraded and renewed, improved or converted and in the last phase recycled. In circular economy our aim is to make a shift from products to services, from ownership to sharing.

Paths towards circular economy are also:

  • Leasing instead of buying.
  • Services instead of products.
  • Sharing instead of ownership.
  • Industrial symbiosis.

Joining the Ellen MacArthur foundation

At the invitation of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016, joined the Circular Cities Network aimed at the dissemination of good practices through a special web platform which can serve as inspiration to the cites for innovation in the field of zero waste and circular economy. In addition to Ljubljana eleven cities earned their membership in the network with their progressive good practices (membership is by invitation only), namely, Boulder, Copenhagen, London, New York, Peterborough, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Vancouver.