City Administration Secretariat

The tasks of the City of Ljubljana City Administration Secretariat are:

  • perform the duties of the Director of the City Administration,
  • perform tasks related to managing human resources,
  • plan, direct, organise and monitor the education and professional training of city administration staff,
  • perform tasks in the payroll system in the city administration and provide data for payroll and other personal benefits,
  • perform tasks concerning the organisation of the city administration’s work and job classification,
  • perform the duties of the Commission of Mandate Issues, Elections and Appointments,
  • perform the duties of document management, mailroom functions and tasks of the reception and information office,
  • plan and ensure implementation of the plan for purchasing office supplies, computer equipment and transport and other resources for the needs of the City of Ljubljana’s city administration and bodies,
  • provide for the organisation and operation of the archive and library,
  • assure printing and reproduction of materials for the needs of the City of Ljubljana,
  • collect and process statistical data and prepare analysis for the needs of the city administration,
  • organize and establish a single information system for the needs of the City of Ljubljana,
  • monitor and participate in the co-ordination of new solutions in the field of a geographic information system,
  • be responsible for linking the city administration, district authorities, public enterprises, public institutes, public boards, public agencies and others of which the City of Ljubljana is the founder or co-founder in the City of Ljubljana’s single information system,
  • maintain and develop IT applications and technical maintenance of the common multi-purpose database.