Development Projects and Investment Office


  • to lead, organise and co-ordinate work on MOL's development projects,
  • to prepare professional bases and to co-ordinate work in the field of planning and executing MOL's development in connection with the Ljubljana Urban Region Regional Development Agency,
  • to reconcile and lead the City Administration’s activities in the processes of interconnecting MOL into EU projects and those of other international communities and associations,
  • to co-operate with other bodies and institutions in the field of development,
  • to ensure the carrying out of investments and to carry out investment maintenance tasks on MOL’s real estate assets other than those for which it is determined otherwise in a special regulation,
  • to ensure the carrying out of regular maintenance of commercial buildings and premises used by MOL’s City Administration and bodies as well as holiday homes owned by MOL.

Organisational units

  • Section for development projects
  • Section for investments