City Electoral Commission

The City Electoral Commission is a body of MOL appointed by the City Council for a four-year period.

The City Electoral Commission comprises a president and three members, each of whom has their own deputy. The president and his / her deputy are, if possible, appointed from the ranks of judges or other qualified lawyers. Other members of the Electoral Commission are appointed from nominations by political parties and other citizens’ organisations.


  • to ensure the legality of elections to the City Council,
  • to certify individual candidates or lists of candidates and to set up a list or lists of candidates,
  • to determine where polling stations should be,
  • to appoint electoral boards,
  • to ascertain the results of voting and publish which members of the City Council have been elected and to report on the results of elections,
  • to carry out and lead direct technical work connected with elections,
  • to carry out other tasks as determined by the law on local elections.

The City Electoral Commission has to carry out its functions conscientiously and responsibly and may only work on the basis of legislation and other regulations, as an independent body.