Tuesday, 1. 12. 2015

1st December – World Aids Day

Already in 1988, the World Health Organisation designated 1 December as the World AIDS Day. It is symbolised by the red ribbon and HIV testing activities are organised on that day.

Even though Slovenia is, according to professional opinion, still a county with low-level HIV epidemics HIV/AIDS remains an important public health problem.
In the City of Ljubljana we are aware of the importance of testing, early detection and treatment as well as the significance of providing and developing programmes for the infected offering them help and counselling on how to deal with the infection, and for this reason the City of Ljubljana has been for many years co-financing the implementation of programmes set up by non-governmental organizations which enable not only early detection of infected people but are also decreasing social stigmatization of infected, sick and vulnerable groups.
It has to be underlined that in Ljubljana and elsewhere in the country primarily non-governmental organisations, in addition to the public health care system, represent the strongest pillar in offering direct support and help to people confronted with the infection, particularly by educating and raising awareness of users and the general public on safe sex, on the novelties regarding prevention of sexually transmitted infections, on the disease as well as on testing and treatment options.
Anonymous testing for holders of medical insurance is made available free-of-charge at any personally selected general physician and at the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. Free-of-charge testing is also offered at the Legebitra Association.