Thursday, 29. 5. 2014

1 june – sava day

LUTRA, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage, has invited you to attend the Sava Day stand from Friday to Sunday, 30 May to 1 June, between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m., at the Jakopičevo Sprehajališče promenade at Tivoli Park.

The stand featured animals and plants from the Sava basin – taxidermy and living; and information on the Sava River, an important living environment to be protected as much as possible. There was also a guided tour of The Living Treasures of Our Waters exhibition to present the living diversity in land waters of Slovenia.

The Sava Day (1 June) is celebrated in four countries with of the Sava River basin – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The Sava River is of great importance to each country in potable water supply, environmental, sports and recreation, tourist and economic aspect. The annual events among the population along the Sava basin were stunted due to the severe flooding. This year Ljubljana marked the Sava Day with the information stand "Sava Biodiversity", instead of the annual Parliament of Youth, meeting of secondary school students from the four countries of Sava.
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The event was co-financed by the City of Ljubljana.