Monday, 7. 1. 2019

11th ‘Beavers’ Festival of Cultural and Art Education

Beavers are returning to Ljubljana. The theme of this year’s festival, which will run from 19 January to 8 February, will be ‘dance-move-body’. Numerous events will therefore be linked, in some way, to that theme.

The festival offers an attractive and diverse programme again this year. This year’s festival will be organised with the theme, ‘dance-move-body’ (with an emphasis on contemporary art). Numerous events will therefore be linked, in some way, to that theme. Using various art forms, methods and possibilities will be presented for creative expression through movement and dance, different forms of non-verbal communication and mutual cooperation, and in a broader sense the movement of thoughts, words, sounds, pictures, objects, etc. The organisers of the festival believe that moving, socialising and expressing through movement and dance are very important, particularly today, when we spend a great deal of time in front of electronic devices that change our way of socialising and redirect our attention. Not to mention the beauty, grace and aesthetic aspects of movement and dance. The programme will comprise theatre, film, musical and dance performances, mentoring, workshops and other activities for children and adolescents organised by numerous governmental and non-governmental institutions and individuals who work in Ljubljana and wider region. The festival will also be organised in Domžale and Sežana for the fourth year.

At this year’s festival, 73 producers will organise 166 events that may be attended by more than 15,000 visitors.

See you at the 11th Beavers Festival.