Friday, 17. 5. 2013

123 years of water supply in ljubljana

On 17 May 2013, the Vodovod-Kanalizacija public company celebrated 123 years of the operation of Ljubljana’s water supply system.

In terms of care for drinking water, Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana became a modern city on 17 May 1890, as it was then that a public water supply system began to operate. In 1888, the city authorities had decided to entrust the production of the first plans to build a public water supply system in Ljubljana to mechanical engineer Oskar Smreker, who at that time was one of Europe’s best-known water supply planners and constructers and an important researcher. Two years following that decision, on 17 May 1890, water began to flow in the first 606 of 900 houses. To this day, the original location of the pumping stations, Kleče waterworks, remains the heart of Ljubljana’s water supply system.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Ljubljana’s public drinking fountains were switched on once again at the end of April, and you are invited to visit our mobile app ‘Tap Water Ljubljana’. This determines your present location and helps you to find your nearest drinking fountain, which you can get to by a route drawn on a map, a written description or by photographs.

You are warmly welcome to have a refreshing drink of natural drinking water from Ljubljana’s water supply system.