Sunday, 20. 6. 2021

20 June, World Refugee Day

20 June is a day to remember all those forced to leave their homes because they face persecution in the countries they come from. Due to conflicts, wars, discrimination, economic reasons, climate change, thousands of people are forced to flee their homes every day.

In Slovenia, the regulation of migration is the responsibility of the state, but we are also dealing with the issue in the City of Ljubljana. Our attitude towards immigrants is oriented towards integration, and we do not separate them from those with international protection and others. In the area of ​​Ljubljana, with the financial support of the City of Ljubljana, we are carrying out various activities, actions and programs in the fields of social protection, culture, education and schooling and the youth, and based on legislation we are also co-financing activities of the Red Cross.

Some programs are directly related to immigrants, and as users, immigrants regularly join many other programs that offer them various forms of support. We are aware that inclusion is most effective when programs are community-oriented, when immigrant women and men are accepted by the neighbours and the neighbourhood in which they live and where they can create a new social network.

Immigrant children are also included in regular primary schools in Ljubljana. The Livada Primary School, which has been including immigrant children since its establishment, has the most experience in educating immigrant students. Almost 90% of students whose mother tongue is not Slovene are enrolled in this school. They have also been enrolling children from the Asylum Centre for several years.