Friday, 12. 12. 2014

2015 ljubljana quality

At the Festival Hall on 4 December 2014, the shops and restaurants offering superior quality services were awarded the “2015 Ljubljana Quality Sign”.

The Ljubljana Quality (LQ) is a trademark which marks the compliance with the high standards of supply, quality of service and orderliness observed in restaurants and small shops. Following the principle of a “hidden guest”, every two years the restaurants and pubs are assessed in the wider urban area as well as shops offering a diverse range of products in the inner city centre. A new feature this year is assessment of the selected restaurants outside of Ljubljana in the Central Slovenia region.

The purpose of the evaluation is to promote the growth of quality tourist, trade and other associated offer and to highlight a specific segment of the above-average quality providers.

This occasion was also marked with a release of the Dining and Shopping Guide in Slovenian and English language, which will help residents and visitors of Ljubljana in deciding on where in the Ljubljana city centre and in the Central Slovenia region to look for the best culinary and shopping experience. The guide is available at the Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre, on the Ljubljana Tourism website and through the Visit Ljubljana and More mobile application.

Top Rated Restaurants in Ljubljana
The restaurants bearing the Ljubljana Quality sign offer the best overall offer. According to an expert committee, besides the highest quality food and service, they also offer the best atmosphere and high-end decoration. The received Ljubljana Quality awards are valid for two years after granting the award.
Five Qs – Superb go to the following three restaurants in Ljubljana, namely:
• Strelec Restaurant
• JB Restaurant
• Maxim Restaurant
Other award-winning restaurants can be found here.

Top Rated Shops
The shops bearing the Ljubljana Quality sign have the most interesting offer, the best customer approach and the most pleasant atmosphere. The received Ljubljana Quality awards are valid for two years after granting the award.
Four Qs – Excellent go to the following two shops in Ljubljana, namely:
• Galerija Emporium
• Marina Yachting

A list of other award-winning shops can be found here.