Monday, 31. 10. 2016

21st Ljubljana Marathon

On 29 and 30 October, the Volkswagen 21st Ljubljana Marathon was held in Ljubljana, the biggest annual international sports event in the city. A record number of runners signed up for this year’s marathon, that is, over 28,000.

The organisers received 28,487 runners’ entries, out of those 18,868 for the trials on Sunday – for 10 , 21- and 42 kilometre runs, and the races for paraplegics and inline skaters. In comparison to last year’s marathon, there were over 14% more entries, and for the 42-kilometre run as much as 22,5% more than last year.
Zero Waste Pledge
Mayor Zoran Janković, the director of the marathon Gojko Zalokar and the director of the public waste management company Snaga Janko Kramžar signed the Zero Waste Pledge before the marathon by which the Organisation Committee of the Marathon bound itself to hold the marathon as a Zero Waste event and by doing so to contribute to clean environment, sustainable use of resources and a smaller carbon footprint.
The participants of the marathon separated their waste, as separate waste collection containers for packaging and bio waste were provided along the running route and at refreshment stands.
Parking and free-of-charge city buses
The participants of the Ljubljana Marathon and their company were able to take the city buses free of¬ charge to the start line and free parking was made available at P+R parking areas Dolgi most, Barje and Stožice.
You are invited to visit the photo gallery, further information on the Volkswagen 21st Ljubljana Marathon is available on the website, and you can find the routs and other details on this map.