Tuesday, 4. 10. 2016

6th Ljubljana Forum

On 6 and 7 October 2016 Ljubljana Castle will host the 6th international Ljubljana Forum – Future of Cities / Sustainable – Smart – Inclusive under this year's title Green Cities & Smart Infrastructure.

At the forum, organised by the City of Ljubljana and GFS GoForeSight Institute, prominent speakers, among them Jerome C. Glenn, the co-founder and CEO of The Millennium Project, Nicolaas Beets, Dutch Urban Envoy and one of the leading influencers for EU Urban Policy, and Cornelia Daheim, Vice-President of Foresight Europe Network (FEN) and CEO of Future Impact Consulting, will talk among others about how smart infrastructure can enable green growth; the importance of connecting cities with corridors; stakeholders inclusion & solidarity; social innovation for prosperity; financial instruments & business models. There will also be two roundtables – on the first-day city leaders will discuss city good practice cases and on the second day the roundtable will be on entrepreneurship for green cities.

More on www.ljubljanaforum.org/2016.

Every year the Ljubljana Forum Award is bestowed. The aim of this award is to identify, promote and reward innovative good practices in the field of developing future of cities. Ljubljana Forum Award 2016 will, therefore, go to the most innovative city development project on water, transport, energy, or housing.

At the Ljubljana Forum around 150 high-level participants from around the world with the emphasis on South East and Central Eastern Europe meet each year: city leaders, futurists, urban planners, architects, academics & researchers, city industry solutions providers, consultants, government & EU institutions and banks, NGOs, media.